Cappadocia Tour

1st Day Istanbul – Kayseri – Goreme
Arrival to Cappadocia region of the beautiful Horses country. We will meet at the airport with our vehicle, first; Around 20 churches, 7 dining halls, cellars, cellars, monasteries and burial chambers are located in the Göreme Open Air Museum. St.Barbara, Elmali, Serpentine, Carik churches, Girls Monastery, Dining Hall, Kitchen, Pantry, Winery, Chapel and Gospel painted from the beginning of the museum will be seen in Tokalı Church. After the tour we will do in Ürgüp (Çok Kale), we see the Wine Cellars (the possibility of shopping in the world-famous Turasan) and the Mother-Father-Child Fairy Chimneys. Here we go to Mustafapaşa, a miniature of the different cultures of the region. Afterwards, 4 marvelous valleys in the region (Avcılar, Uzundere, Kılıçlar, Dervent) can keep under the control of the defense wonder, Uchisar Castle panoramic view and visit the Onxy Stone hotel and arrival of the hotel after arrival. Dinner and accomodation in our hotel.

Day 2 Cappadocia
Today, the Balloon Tour offers the opportunity to watch the whole region from the sky (early departure). After breakfast we were taken to move to the hotel. We make a trip to Paşabağ (Valley of the Monks), an interesting valley with one, two and three headed fairy chimneys. After the place where the formation of the fairy chimneys will be best seen, the Dervent Valley is visited by those who see the horses in the country of the Beautiful Horses by the ones who see each other in the continuation of the tour. “Blind also knows the path of the pottery of Avanos evident is broken.” The center of the word goes to Avanos and 4000 years of Hittite crafts center from the handicraft we are visiting the pottery workshops. Arrival to the hotel with a visit to the carpet workshops after the valley of Güvercinlik. Those who wish are going to the local Lamb Night (extra).

Day 3 Hacıbektaş – Kayseri – İstanbul
We leave the hotel after breakfast. Spread to an area of ​​4 km. Our first stop is Derinkuyu Underground City (or Kaymaklı Underground City) where 20.000 people can be seen around. We are going to Hacıbektaş district where Piri Hacıbektaş Veli Yens Tomb is located in Khorasan. We will go to Kayseri after the free time given in this place where we will experience a reflection of the culture coming from the past with its Fountains, Courtyards, Land Cauldron and Post. The first medical school built for Gevher Nesibe Sultan, the Hunat Madrasah and the Mosque, the Döner Kümbet, the Inner Castle tur are seen as panoramic. Arrival at the airport following the free time for local products.

Services Included
* 3 days 2 nights half board accommodation, (2 breakfast, 2 dinner taken at hotel)
* Transportation by vehicles in the region,
* All trips,
* Museum and ruins entrance fees and service fees,
* Professional guidance services,
* Compulsory travel insurance,

All Museum and ruins entrance + Museum Card + Service fee Total: 90.00 TL
For those under the age of 17 years and above 65 years, for the ones who are next to the Yellow Press – Museum and Gazi ID cards, Total: 50.00 TL;
This price is included in the package price as per the new tourism law.


Services Not Included
* Special expenses made in the hotel,
* Drinks taken at all meals,
* Lunch.


* Suitable for walking shoes (comfortable)
* Lip Protector
* Top that can fit the sudden temperature change (cardigan, vest i)

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