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The first day of our tour at the Atatürk Airport Domestic Terminal Departure Terminal at 05.00. Turkish Airlines scheduled flights to Gaziantep at 06.15 hours (1 hour 35 minutes flight) 08: 05 arriving in Gaziantep. At the airport, we meet our bus and move to the city center. We start with Zeugma Museum. After the Zeugma Museum, we visit the Sheikh Fethullah Mosque and the cemetery in the courtyard. Historic Gaziantep streets are restored, visit the historical Antep house and then move to Gaziantep Mevlevihane. Here we see the original manuscripts of the Holy Qur’an and the Mevlevi dervishes. Going to the Tobacco Han, we want to have a tea break in an authentic setting. Copper Market, Şire Han, Hz. We are visiting the tomb of Joshua. Free time for lunch. Meet at the place determined by our headman and then go to Gaziantep Castle After visiting the Antep castle and the Panaroma museum inside, we visited Şirvani Mosque. Gaziantep-Birecik 65 km 1 hour) 20 minutes after a break in the move to Halfeti.

(40 km 45 minutes between Birecik-Halfeti)

We make a boat trip on the Euphrates River in Halfeti and move to Sanliurfa Center.

(125 km 2 hours between Halfeti and Sanliurfa)

We’re settling into our hotel to relieve the tiredness of the day. Dinner and accommodation in our hotel at the side of Balıkgöl. At the end of the meal, our seminar is accompanied by our author.

After breakfast in our hotel buffet we will take

We are going to Göbeklitepe which is the oldest known monument of mankind. Göbeklitepe, whose construction dates back to 10000 BC, is known as the oldest and largest center of worship in history. Göbeklitepe is 7000 from Stonehenge in England and 7500 years from the Egyptian pyramids. In addition, the culture plant representing the transition to settled life was found in the skirts of Göbeklitepe. 1000 years after the construction of the tops of the people closed by buried these temples back to the light of day.

We visit Göbeklitepe with special expressions of our author. Balıklıgöl, Aynzeliha lake, visit the place where Hz.İbrahim was thrown into the fire and fell on fire and take our dinner with a night in the star guest house and settle in our hotel after dinner.

08.00-09.00 buffet breakfast in the morning after 09.00 from the hotel with our belongings first to leave the Prophet. Eyüp visits his office for 16 years and then passes to Harran (Urfa Har 60 km 45 km from Harran). First, he visits the tomb of Harrani after the ruins of Harran University. return. After lunch break we start our visit to Sanliurfa. The cave where the Prophet Abraham was born, the Mevlidi Khalil Mosque, the tomb where the master was first buried and the Rızvaniye Madrasa, the Customs House and the Sipahi Bazaars can be visited. Free time until the time set by our guide. You can shop at the free time and explore the streets of Urfa. Meet at the place determined by our guide. Airport departure at 18.30. Airport at 19.00 with Turkish Airlines scheduled flights to Istanbul Ataturk airport at 20.00 hours (2 hours and 15 minutes flight) 22.15 at Ataturk Airport arrival.

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