Gobeklitepe Tours


Göbeklitepe is one of the oldest temples located near the village of Örencik, about 15 km away from the center of Şanlıurfa. The temples on the Göbeklı hill date back to ancient times, so one is truly amazed by the fact that these temples, which require a serious knowledge of architecture, were built in such a great time at that time. The history of archeology is of special interest to these obelisks on Göbeklite. Because the traces of the past and the clues of the period to the present day, these works are of great importance for our history. According to the data, the earliest use of the region is thought to be approximately 11,600 years ago. This cultural land, which dates back to many years, must definitely be visited. It is useful to add the following information: human hand, arm figures found in the obelisks, these obelisks were made as sculptures, and those periods strengthened its thought. Visiting these structures, which allow us to breathe the atmosphere of the oldest ages, will help us enlighten our history and help us to understand how the perceptions, architectures, thoughts and styles have evolved from yesterday to today. Göbeklitepe, nominated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, will continue to host visitors from November 08, 2018, from 08:00 to 12:00.
The question that comes to mind first in the tours you participate is tur ’where can I stay akl Katıl. Of course, you will prefer the closest and most comfortable one to the point where the tour will be organized. The Kommagene hotel is the cleanest and highest quality hotel in the region. Transportation is 8 km to 1 airport from the bus terminal. The free transfer option is also specifically known for our tour participants. In addition to this, if you stay at Kommagene Hotel, you can explore the region in general by combining with Nemrut Mountain tour. You will enjoy our special privileges to mix up the culture and take advantage of the tour opportunities to the fullest. If you are a complete history traveler, this trip will leave unforgettable memories for you.

• City Center of Urfa
Sanliurfa is now the name of the land of the prophets he immediately added sequentially … that opens the door quite a lot of tourists every year, this majestic city is considered as Turkey’s seventh largest city. There are many reasons why it is known as the city of Prophets, but the most famous of them and the legends of the Prophet. Abraham’s story. You will witness the ethnic architecture of the city which has been followed by centuries ago while visiting the city center in Urfa …

• Fish Lake
The story of Balıklı Göl is another one. When you enter the legend, you can read it by reading the wall. The area where the lake is located is the fire of Hz. Abraham is not burned. It is explained that the fire turns into water and the wood turns into fish. For this reason, the fish in the lake are respected by the people and the area is under protection.

• Hz. Abraham’s Birthplace Cave
Hz ibrahim arass cave is among the most popular places in the region. Thousands of tourists visit here every year, regardless of local foreign tourists. Hz. The cave where Abraham was born is within the borders of the Mevlid-i Halil Mosque.

To see the beauties of Şanlıurfa and to visit the places we see will only take 1 day in the tour. Other historical sites and historical bazaars are included in the tour. Within the scope of the tour, group discounts are available and if you wish, the Adıyaman bus station or airport offers free transfer to the Şanlıurfa GAP airport or bus station.

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