Göbeklitepe, the world has been sitting on the agenda recently. Being the first temple built by humanity, the area also caused the rewriting of history. The oldest known settlement was built in the region. So where’s Göbeklitepe? How to go? Here is a brief information about Göbeklitepe … Where is Göbeklitepe? How to go? Göbeklitepe is located within the boundaries of the province of Şanlıurfa. The region, located 15 kilometers northeast of the city center, caused the rewriting of history. Göbeklitepe located in the area to reach this date from Istanbul to Sanliurfa by plane or bus journey is required. A taxi or minibus from the center of Sanliurfa can be reached in a short time in Göbeklitepe, northeast of the city. Information about the history of Göbeklitepe Göbeklitepe, considered to be the oldest temple of humanity with its 12,000-year history, received this title from Stonehenge in England. This situation has also updated the history writing. Göbeklitepe, which has changed the knowledge of the origin of civilization since the beginning of the excavations in 1995, consists of 12,000 years of circular structures with T-shaped columns and carved stone figures. This history is even older than the agricultural revolution and even the invention of the previous pottery. The world’s oldest temple Göbeklitepe Göbeklitepe, with its 12,000 years of history, is the world’s oldest known temple. The area where archaeologists, historians have shown great interest, has been reopened in recent weeks after being closed for more than a year. Göbeklitepe is currently on the UNESCO temporary list. However, the main objective would be to move closer to the UNESCO permanent list.

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